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The CRM Director is responsible for keeping track of everything that is entered into the CRM and everything that should be entered into the CRM. You are also expected to clean out any unnecessary data, make sure that lead routing is correct, and train people on utilizing the system so that leads and sold tracking is accurate. You are responsible to the Marketing, Sales and Service departments to produce any lists of customers that are requested or deemed lucrative to increase ROI. You need to understand how to interpret data from all departments and how to utilize the data to make recommendations on where marketing and advertising dollars should be spent.


RESPONSIBILITIES (Across all three stores)

  • Provide customer lists to Brand Managers, Events Director, Marketing Director, and Service Managers
  • Clean up of the CRM data, leads, and sold and confirm that the correct information is going into the CRM
  • Setting up new users and giving them appropriate access
  • Training and re-training users on the DealerSocket platform
  • Working with Brand Managers to understand how to utilize the Reports available in the CRM to counsel and manage their salespeople
  • Create new reports to determine the ROI of marketing and events initiatives utilizing data from the CRM in Google Docs and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Update various reports for each department on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Weekly meetings with each Brand Manager to go over their leads and sold counts, how the CRM is being utilized by their sales team, and any trends occurring in the CRM to assist in increasing ROI
  • Communicate with third party vendors regarding inventory feed issues, CRM integration issues, campaign success, and future campaign needs
  • Communicate with GSM’s regarding their Brand Manager’s success and their sales team’s utilization of the CRM
  • Communication of and reporting on third party vendor’s campaign success utilizing data available in the CRM
  • Assist in IT issues regarding inventory feeds to third party vendors and Manufacturer’s requirements
  • Communicate with Manufacturer Representatives regarding leads/sold counts, current and previous campaigns and their success, and future initiatives/suggestions
  • Counsel Senior Level Management on their staff’s performance, training needs, and personnel needs (as far as hiring and dismissal)
  • Training and overseeing of the Marketing Managers at La Jolla and Westlake and the Digital Marketing Managers at Westlake and Beverly Hills



  • Must have experience in the Sales Department of an Automotive Dealership
  • Must have experience training employees of all levels
  • Must be comfortable with communicating with employees of all levels
  • Must be extremely organized and able to multi-task
  • Must be able to prioritize the tasks that are assigned to you
  • Must have expert level experience and knowledge in Google Docs, Microsoft Office Products, and DealerSocket CRM
  • Must have excellent communications skills
  • Must have an intermediate level understanding of reporting, numbers, and analytics from the Sales and Service Departments
  • Must have an intermediate level understanding of SEO/SEM (including Social Media Campaigns), Google Analytics and AdWords, and interacting with Advertising/Marketing companies regarding campaigns to express what the Brand Managers need from them in this capacity
  • Must be able to use discretion regarding hiring/firing of employees
  • Must understand access levels and who should be given what levels of access without needing approval from a Senior Level Manager
  • Must have experience leading a team of commission based employees to increase ROI
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
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